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Mobile jammers and network operators are hostile

Perfectjammer 2021-04-09

cell phone jammer

The equipment sold by the "Handyblocker" company can create artificial blind spots and prevent all mobile phone communications within a certain range. One possible application scenario is school and teaching. However, these devices are not allowed in Germany-this has not deterred many teachers. Interview with Olaf Bergert, who sells such equipment.

cell phone jammer (also known as "cell phone jammers" or "GSM jammers") create artificial blind spots by blocking the connection between the phone and the network operator (or radio mast). The phone no longer has a network within the interference range. Such equipment is publicly available with a range of 10 to 40 meters. For the military and government, there are more powerful equipment with a range of up to several kilometers. In many countries, including Germany, private use of such devices is prohibited. In some countries, such as in prisons, the public sector uses this equipment.

A well-known brand is a mobile phone jammer headquartered in the United Kingdom. Here, devices of different strengths are sold online. For 180 to 350 euros, you can get a mobile device with a range of 10 to 30 meters (such as "Handy" or "The Destroyer"). The fixed equipment for continuous operation has a range of 40m and costs less than 400 Euros. Olaf Bergert, a 46-year-old engineer who lives and works in Manchester, is a designer and distributor of mobile phone blockers in the UK. The "Handyblocker" company produces these devices in-house. The most important clients include teachers, universities and hospitals.

Over the past few months, we have noticed a growing demand for mobile jammers from teachers and many school principals. For schools, cell phone blockers are very cheap and limited in scope may be very positive. This means that the "restricted area" can also be well controlled and will not affect passers-by or neighbors. The "no cell phone zone" is in class or school. I often hear the argument that no cell phone operator has ever asked if they can also send cell phone beams to private houses, offices or schools. Therefore, it is argued that someone can defend this "infringement" of private property. But I would like to refer to our legal information. On our website, we are here to introduce in detail the legal status of cell phone blocking procedures in Germany and Europe.

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