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Indoor smart phone tracking and positioning system

Perfectjammer 2020-04-30

phone tracking positioning system

Now almost everyone has a mobile phone of their own, but you know that when you use this mobile phone, it may have exposed your geographic information to the communication company, which will make our life very transparent It feels like you may already know that the pigeons returning home can fly a long distance, but there are other animals, such as lobsters, that can complete with local ones. Studies have shown that these marine organisms can retrieve position information from azimuth clues generated by many local anomalies in the earth's magnetic field. After the compass was built into all Android and iPhone devices, a group of engineers at the University of Oulu, Finland, recently created a new indoor positioning technology or Bluetooth beacon that does not require Wi-Fi hotspots, but it was used by this university team A particular signal processing technology discovered an interesting thing: the large amount of steel inside the building distorted the magnetic field of our planet, so each location in the building produced a unique model. Project manager Janne Haverinen explained: "Every building, its floor and corridors will generate specific interference in the magnetic field. This interference can be measured to easily identify this location and generate interesting maps. But the new gps blocker on our website The device can easily solve this problem "

The team realized that the system had actual potential to be used. To translate the theory into a practical solution that can be used by different developers of smartphone applications, Dr. Haverrinen's research team established IndoorAtlas Ltd., which will market its innovative indoor tracking technology. In addition to the start-up, IndoorAtlas also announced the start-up capital investment of the Vigo accelerator KoppiCatch in Helsinki.

This indoor location tracking application can be used for grocery sales, logistics efficiency, mobile games, or just to find your way out in large shopping centers, international airport terminals and other large buildings. In addition, it allows you to track the internal location of the device where it is almost impossible to do. IndoorAtlas conducted some experiments in a tunnel below 1,400 meters underground in a zinc-copper mine in central Finland. There, the system can use mineral deposits and many other anomalies that interfere with Earth's magnetic field to pinpoint itself.

The accuracy of IndoorAtlas technology used in modern buildings is between 0.1 and 2 meters. Moreover, the technology does not require any other hardware on the smartphone, and it can be run accurately alone or with other indoor installation systems to achieve higher positioning accuracy.

However, before using indoor location data for smartphones, developers need to collect magnetic field data and overlay it on each floor plan. To do this, developers must create a plan of the location and then browse the entire site while collecting magnetic field data. However, IndoorAtlas makes these steps fairly easy by providing users with a practical online toolkit.

In the northern part of the world, there are other companies, such as Walkbase and Qubulus, which have developed unique location positioning solutions based on precise positioning using Wi-Fi wireless networks. The two companies have provided interesting positioning solutions, while IndoorAtlas has solved this problem from a new perspective, so it stands out.

Dr. Haverinen continued: "When Android and iPhone smartphones have a built-in compass, we know that we can develop an innovative positioning solution by applying our expertise in digital signal processing." "Until now, Businesses need to install Wi-Fi networks or wireless Bluetooth beacons in their buildings to provide geographic location services. However, with our software, mobile applications can easily locate which mobile phone users use our smartphones in any building. The above system uses the earth ’s own infrastructure-the Earth ’s magnetic field. "

What can I add? You cannot prevent this type of tracking because it does not affect the Earth ’s magnetic field, and the internal tracking system does not use any wireless signals to work. If this Finnish solution is implemented on site, a new type of indoor monitoring may appear. It will be located in each building, allowing us to track our location without using a smartphone application. You can do nothing. The only thing you can do is to avoid current location positioning solutions based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference signals, such as Walkbase and Qubulus. For this, you can use indoor tracking portable jammer and protect your privacy until magnetic tracking technology has not been implemented worldwide.

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