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Police stations and prisons needs jammers

Perfectjammer 2017-10-09

Prisons need a jammerA cell phone jammers is a device that is used to block signals by jamming Bluetooth or wireless signals for cell phones, GPS signals, and Wi-Fi systems. Jammers flood a specific area with noise that covers the radio bands to be jammed. Jammers can be used for many reasons, such as preventing unwanted calls from telemarketers; as well as keeping people in certain venues, such as restaurants, from using their cell phones in that specific vicinity. Law enforcement and intelligence professionals also have been known to use this technology when dealing with crises such as hostage situations and bomb threats. It is now used very frequently in the field of security

HE Iloilo Police Provincial Office (Ippo) has asked for a signal jammer to be installed at the Iloilo Provincial District Jail in Nanga, Pototan. The aim may be to deal with the threat to prison security.

Two mobile cellphone jammers will be installed in Coimbatore Central Prison soon to curb the use of cell phones by its inmates. Each jammer costs Rs 43 lakh.

The state government had earlier allotted Rs 5 crore for procuring 12 mobile phone jammers to be installed in various central prisons to control the use of mobile phones by the prisoners. Two mobile phone jammers had already been installed at the Puzhal Central Prison.

The prison authorities said the two mobile jammers would cover a vast area of the central prison premises and help control smuggling of mobile phones into the prison. Presently, 15,000 prisoners are lodged in various prisons across the state. Coimbatore central prison has more than 1,700 inmates.

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