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Perfectjammer 2020-04-30

Last year, law enforcement agencies in the United States made more than 1.3 million phone registration requests to mobile phone company customers. In addition, according to the information collected by Congress' investigation of cell phone monitoring, these requirements are increasing. On behalf of Edward Markey (Edward Markey) on Monday released the data of nine wireless wifi jammer operators. It shows the number of all mobile phone recording requests made in 2011. Law enforcement agencies and companies do not need to report these requests, so they can conduct investigations and disseminate data accounting processes.

Massachusetts Democrat Edward Markey sent a letter to nine mobile operators last month asking them to provide data on the number and scope of these requests. In April. The companies that responded to Markey's survey were: American Cellular Phone Company, TracFone, Cricket Communications, C Spire Wireless, MetroPCS Communications, T-Mobile America, Sprint Nextel, AT & T, and Verizon Wireless

According to the data collected, Verizon Wireless, the largest operator in the United States, has increased its surveillance requests by nearly 15% each year over the past five years, and there were approximately 260,000 requests last year. T-Mobile United States, the fourth largest telecommunications operator in the United States, reported an annual growth rate of 12% to 16%, but did not provide the exact number of surveillance requests received each year. Maki, who is also a member of the Energy and Trade Commission, said: "We cannot let innocent customers become victims of a large number of requests for privacy information." Chamber of Commerce Trade. "Looking for needles inside the organization

These companies claim that they have a task force to handle surveillance requests and only release data after an official subpoena order or law enforcement officer confirms. There is a real emergency that may result in death or at least the risk of injury. Computer and Communications Industry Association, a computer industry trade organization, said it was worried that the government ’s growing demand for user data came more from authorization orders that require judge approval than from unattended subpoenas. .

Companies such as Microsoft, Sprint Nextel, Facebook and Google have asked lawmakers to revise the famous "Electronic Communication Privacy Act" to fully guarantee online content, mobile data and location information. "The government does not have much reason to spend a long process to obtain an eavesdropping order, because wireless access to our information becomes easier, and we are also turning to the following methods: modern communications that do not use voice. For example, email and text messages," Ross Schulman, a lawyer for CCIA, said in a blog.

AT & T wrote that last year, surveillance requests made by law enforcement affected 0.25% of its wireless subscribers, assuming that each request was made for other subscribers. This number has increased by 0.18% compared with 2007. Unlike Verizon's data, their data includes the provision of data for 911 callers. AT & T also stated that hundreds of full-time employees review and respond to all law enforcement surveillance requests.

Verizon said in the letter that the company has a special team of 70 employees and provides specialized services to the legal team that is ready 24/7. Sprint has a work team composed of 36 analysts who receive and view all orders for mobile phones and positioning devices, and an additional 175 analyst teams that are responsible for responding to subscriber data for all code orders. T-Mobile wrote that it has its own dedicated police relations team. The team works closely with T-Mobile ’s confidentiality team and legal department.

At the same time, the Obama administration is actively seeking ways to enable mobile consumers and wireless Internet customers to have more control and security of their private data when using the Internet through laptops or only on Wi-Fi hotspots. On their phones. Before finding a brilliant moment for a solution, you can use our MONSTRO portable jammer to protect your mobile phone data, GPS location data and other private information from mobile phone monitoring requests from application agents. Legal and other government agencies.

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