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4 Bands Remote Control Desktop Jamming Device

Perfectjammer 2017-10-13

Remote control 4 bands blockersAs for the desktop signal blockers, we may first think of is to carry inconvenience, relatively heavy. So what if you have a remote control jammers, do you think it will bring much convenience? This means you can turn on your jammer very stealthily. This means that no one knows you're using sh

Now let us look at this remote control jammers:

This cellphone jammers has a power adjustment function, according to the need to adjust the jamming range. At the same time with remote control function, no need to personally open the switch. Can be used in conference rooms, gas stations, hospitals, theaters, recording studios, banks, churches, classrooms, houses, etc.

Able to interfere with the vast majority of mobile phone signals that can be used to prevent cheating and prevent meetings or prayers from being interrupted.

Jamming frequencies:

CDMA: 850-894 MHz
DCS/PHS: 1805-1920 MHz
GSM: 925-960MHz
3G: 2010-2025Mhz or 2110-2170MHz

Product Features:

1.This device can be efficiently each channel power adjustable. The output power and coverage radius can be adjusted by the switch on the machine. Can be single channel control
2.With a wireless remote control
3.Using efficient cooling technology, the device can work long hours

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