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How To Block Cell Phone Solicitation Calls

Perfectjammer 2021/10/25

The so-called mobile phone signal jammer has a very simple working principle, which is to send out interference signals so that users within a certain range cannot receive the mobile phone signals from the base station. "The use of How To Block Cell Phone Solicitation Calls must be reported to the Security Bureau and the Radio Administration Bureau before it can be used after approval." A related person from the Radio Administration Bureau said, "Even after the approval of the relevant department, the mobile phone signal jammer cannot be used at any time. Instead, it can only be used by dedicated personnel during the secret-related meeting, with a fixed power and a fixed range." He also said that if a unit needs small-batch customization, it must be tested to ensure that the surrounding operator base stations It does not cause interference. cell phone jammer

According to the reporter's understanding, the currently allowed How To Block Cell Phone Solicitation Calls in China is mainly concentrated in the confidential system. In addition, even in examination rooms and gas stations, the use of this kind of special equipment is not allowed to prevent it from affecting the surrounding public communication system. Regarding the supervision of mobile phone signal jammers sold in the market, the relevant staff of a certain city's industrial and commercial bureau believes that mobile phone jammers should be special equipment, and whether the mobile phone jammers should be managed by the industrial and commercial bureau is still a question that needs to be discussed. "As long as it involves the sale of goods, the industry and commerce department has the right to enforce it, and the radio management department has the right to inspect and detect." An expert from the National Institute of Radio Spectrum Management told reporters, "but the current supervision of mobile phone signal jammers can be It is said that it is in a state of law enforcement vacuum, which needs to be resolved by relevant departments as soon as possible.” In addition, the expert also said that most people are not clear about the scarcity and ownership of spectrum resources, and believe that spectrum resources can be used freely like air. This is also one of the important reasons why it is difficult to supervise mobile phone jammers.