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Perfectjammer 2020-09-29

This is the moment when the murderer spins the mountain bike for a few minutes and then fatally attacks a mediator who asks him to stop dangerously riding in front of the children.

21-year-old James Rowley was sentenced to nine years in prison this Wednesday after he was torn up the grass with a stolen cell phone jammer on March 17 and beaten in front of the horrific youth in Coventry 41-year-old Joe Higgins (Joe Higgins).

The victim has approached the threat of the cyclist and "politely" asked him to stop the nuisance on horseback, so as not to worry about the safety of children playing outside.

The victim in the photo has approached the threat of the cyclist and "politely" asks him to stop the annoying thing because he is worried about the safety of young children playing outside.

However, Rowley started turning the motorcycle's engine-spinning wheels dusted Mr. Higgins-and kicked the carer.

Mr. Higgins, who had just returned home after celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, suffered serious head injuries and died in the hospital the next day.

After the attack, Raleigh picked up the victim's St. Patrick's Day hat "as a trophy" and saw it dancing in the street. Then, the former warehouse worker heard laughter and fled to the Jubilee New Moon in Coventry on a bicycle.

After detectives launched a murder investigation, Raleigh surrendered to the West Midlands Police on March 20.

He initially claimed that Mr. Higgins boldly shouted "I am willing to help you" and suggested that he was only in self-defense.

In an interview with the police, he described himself as a father, "the sweetest and cutest person you have ever seen."

However, witnesses previously described seeing Raleigh of Coventry Radford cross a residential street, jump red lights and walk on the sidewalk.

Once, after he almost caused an accident on a traffic signal, he had a heated argument with a motorist.

Raleigh also has a history of abuse, including beating his mother at the age of 14, when he grabbed her by the throat, slapped her, and later told the police "she needs it. There is a bullet in the eye". James Rowley's mobile phone picture of making doughnuts on the grass before being confronted

CCTV and social media videos also showed that he dangerously ran a red light, shook his engine loudly, and performed a "doughnut" on a piece of grass. Raleigh later changed her story in the face of overwhelming evidence, and then admitted to manslaughter and dangerous driving.

On Monday he was sentenced to nine years in prison at the Warwick Criminal Court. Detective inspector Jim Colclough described Mr. Higgins’s death as tragic and meaningless.

He said: "Joe grew up in the area and doesn't like the community where people disrespect him. Witnesses described him as politely approaching Raleigh. He wanted to express his concern about his danger to people.

Some witnesses said they saw Raleigh smiling and dancing in the victim's hat after the fatal punch. "Raleigh's violence was witnessed by several children on the street.

“He lay there for two days and then surrendered. The judge said that he took time to “plan to tell the police lies in the interview”. “However, we have collected testimony from independent witnesses and confiscated CCTV and social media videos. , Showing Raleigh’s dangerous riding and assault. "I sympathize with Mr. Higgins' friends and family.