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Block Unknown Cell Phone Calls Block Harassment

Perfectjammer 2022/01/14

The fixed line rang every 3 minutes, and at least dozens of mobile phones were missed a day. Yesterday, Mr. Lu from Zhangjiawan Town, Tongzhou District reported to this newspaper that since noon on the 17th, his mobile phone and the company's Both landlines began to be frequently harassed by phone calls. According to Mr. Lu's speculation, the harassing call is likely to be related to a call he received to promote Block Unknown Cell Phone Calls . At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. Yesterday, the reporter came to the machining factory where Mr. Lu is located. As soon as he entered the door, a landline bell on Mr. Lu's desk rang. "Look, there's another call, and the fax machine should be ringing soon." Mr. Lu said helplessly. Sure enough, just as the landline rang, another fax machine rang again. The reporter's rough calculation shows that on average, two landlines will ring once every 3 minutes, and the number displayed on the landline call reminder is the letter "P". The reporter picked up the phone and answered it several times, but the other party hung up automatically. Cell Phone Jammer Can you really stop this kind of bottomless harassment? "The mobile phone is even more exaggerated. On average, there are two calls per minute, and the number display is 'unknown'. It should be an Internet phone call." Mr. Lu speculated. Mr. Lu's mobile phone communication records also showed that from 7:00 am to 9:00 am yesterday, there were 37 missed calls named "unknown". After the shutdown, the call reminder text message showed that a mobile phone number from Changsha, Hunan made no less than 20 calls to Mr. Lu's mobile phone in one night. The reporter tried to dial the number, but the other party hung up immediately.

According to Mr. Lu's recollection, since noon on the 17th, he began to receive harassing calls one after another. The two landlines and mobile phones are the contact information published by the company on the Internet, which is easy to find. Before that, he had received a phone call from a stranger, "the other party said that he sold Block Unknown Cell Phone Calls , in order to treat grandma, he sold a machine for 500 yuan. If I didn't buy it, he would call and harass me. , until I can't bear it anymore. The machine is only tens of dollars, isn't this extortion?" Mr. Lu stated. Due to the constant harassment of phone calls every day, Mr. Lu has to charge his mobile phone once in half a day on average, making it difficult for many important customers to get in touch with him in time. In order to solve this matter, Mr. Lu spent a lot of brains. On the evening of the 17th, he installed mobile phone jammer software on his mobile phone and asked companies such as China Mobile and China Unicom for help. "Everyone suggested that I call the police, saying that there is no way to solve it. If it wasn't for this number that has been used for many years and many friends rely on it to contact me, I would have changed my number long ago." Mr. Lu said. The reporter called the mobile customer service, and the staff said that there is currently no related business that can help customers block a certain number. Unicom customer service also said that for fixed phones, the incoming call records could not be found temporarily. "Unless the phone has an incoming call reminder, can display the number, and has its own blocking settings, it is temporarily unable to provide related business technical support."