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Schools Cell Phone Block Legally

Perfectjammer 2022-01-04

Schools Cell Phone Block Legally

On October 19, Yanjing Institute of Technology announced on the school's official website that on the afternoon of the 16th, the State Council inspection team asked the school to rectify the problems of poor campus communication signals and high campus network fees. At present, the rectification work has been fully started. The announcement shows that the school and the three major operators signed a campus base station construction agreement on October 17 to solve the problem of poor communication signals. On the same day, the tower company has settled in the campus and set up 5 new base stations on the campus for the use of the three major operators. The base station construction is expected to be completed by October 27, and the number of base stations on campus will reach 8. According to the Beijing News, China Unicom's customer service has learned that there is a problem with the school's network coverage, indicating that "the network equipment needs to be increased to improve the network coverage." China Unicom's network facilities in the school are expected to be completed by the end of 2020. China Mobile's customer service staff said that after inquiries, it was revealed that there were privately installed Schools Cell Phone Block Legally by residents near Yanjing Institute of Technology, which affected the network signal of the campus. At present, local technicians are negotiating with the personnel of the private installation cell phone jammer and strengthening the network signal construction.

In addition, IT Home learned that Yanjing Institute of Technology mentioned in the announcement on its official website that in response to the country's call to "speed up and reduce fees", the school has greatly reduced the price of campus network charges. 50 yuan, the hourly charging price has also been reduced from 0.48 yuan/hour to 0.3 yuan/hour, and the usage time exceeds 8 hours will not be charged separately. According to the staff of the Network Center of Yanjing Institute of Technology, the school will implement the new intra-campus network fee from October 22. In this regard, some students believe that the price of an unlimited data package of 50 yuan per month is still not cheap, and the network speed is unstable. A staff member of the office of Yanjing Institute of Technology said that Schools Cell Phone Block Legally caused the poor signal of the school, and the rectification of the poor signal of campus communication and the high fees of the campus network is still ongoing.

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