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Readworks Cell Phone Scramble

Perfectjammer 2022-01-03

Readworks Cell Phone Scramble

With the continuous development of science and technology, mobile phones have become a must-have high-tech product for human beings. Previously, Hu Mingxuan couldn't extricate himself because he was obsessed with online games, so Du Feng said in anger: "Then you should just learn e-sports, and don't play basketball in the future. It's gone." This made Hu Mingxuan tremble with fright, and then Hu Mingxuan reluctantly quit his internet addiction, which was not accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of young players, and he was shocked to see Readworks Cell Phone Scramble in the Guangdong team's dormitory. The fans couldn't help shouting: "It's not accidental that the Guangdong team can achieve such a success. It is the last word that a drop of water can penetrate a stone." It is said that this is specially installed by Du Feng for each dormitory. Young players are very dependent on the Internet, and In order to prevent Internet addiction from fermenting again, Du Feng was shocked to see cell phone jammer in the dormitory. This can firstly ensure the training status of the players, and secondly, allow everyone to get enough sleep time and form a good physical fitness cycle. It can be seen that although Du Feng is the coach, he starts from the trivial things in life, and the water drops through the stone. Everyone understands the truth, but it is very difficult to implement it bit by bit like Du Feng.

Du Feng has practiced the essence of water dripping through stone, so he can stand at the "tip of the pyramid" of the CBA, and now he is even more expensive as the head coach of the national team. When Du Feng was interviewed by the media not long ago, Du Feng made a sharp comment on the men's basketball team, he said: "Although the national team training camp is installed with Readworks Cell Phone Scramble , I am very confident in them. I believe that almost all the players I select are young players. This is actually the worst plan. Even if the Chinese men's basketball team fails to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics, after these young players have risen strongly, in the Paris Olympics four years later, we will definitely It's brilliant." Du Feng's requirements for players to improve from the inside out, not only to improve the young players' skills in an all-round way, but also to sublimate their spiritual level. Du Feng commented on the core of the men's basketball team: "patriotism, selfless dedication and unity must be achieved."

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