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Block Anonymous Calls Cell Phone

Pedigo Branson 2022-01-17

As a protective product to protect the safety of conversations, cell phone jammers can shield the other party without being aware of it. If the Block Anonymous Calls Cell Phone is under the knowledge of the other party, it will lose its due effect. The sound of the cell phone jammer at work is comparable to that of a computer fan. Mobile phone jammer is a well-known device in the field of recording shielding. For the current mainstream recording equipment, mobile phones, voice recorders and other shielding effects are better. It is worth noting that the mobile phone signal jammer only interferes with digital products such as mobile phone recorders, and does not interfere with people. That is because the ultrasonic interference signal emitted by the mobile phone jammer is inaudible to the human ear. After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, the ultrasonic interference emitted will be recorded into the device along with the voice of the speech. When playing, it will be found that all the noise recorded in the mobile phone is. These recordings cannot be heard by human ears, so they do not affect normal conversation and communication. When working, they are in a silent state and cannot be noticed that they are working.

When criminals use recording equipment to record, Block Anonymous Calls Cell Phone send out an ultrasonic interference signal with random noise, which can interfere with the voice signal, so that only the noise information is picked up by the recording equipment, but the voice information cannot be distinguished, so as to ensure the voice information security. The mobile phone jammer has good shielding effect, high security, high coverage, good confidentiality, and strong mobility. It is suitable for various recording equipment and use occasions, and can effectively solve some shielding products. The shielding distance is short, the shielding effect is poor, and the The products are widely used in secret meetings, business talks, anti-eavesdropping and other occasions. Whether it is cell phone recording, voice recorder recording, camera recording, cell phone jammers can all interfere with them. Ultrasonic interference with noise can record the noise, so that the phone plays all noise. And completely eliminates the harsh sound that a few people can hear. The interference distance for 95% of mobile phones can reach 2 meters, and 80% of mobile phone interference distances can reach more than 5 meters. When the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, it can be effective. to protect the content of the conversation and form a safe conversation space.