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Copper Block Emf Cell Phone Is A Lazy Way To Manage

Perfectjammer 2022-03-01

Ms. Tian, a citizen of Luohe, said that the school retains the original examination room system and does not need or use the original invigilation manpower. It costs extra money to install so-called advanced equipment. This has not wasted the country's financial, material and human resources. What? In her opinion, Copper Block Emf Cell Phone is not so much about preventing mobile phone cheating as a lazy management model. Mr. Li, who works in an institution in Luohe City, believes that in a modern democratic and legal society, citizens' freedom of communication should be guaranteed.

What right does a school have to block citizens' cell phone signals? ! Moreover, the examination of Luohe No. 5 Middle School this time is not a large-scale and rigorous examination, so there is no need to use Copper Block Emf Cell Phone . The businessman Mr. Yao said that if there was a patient suddenly at home at that time, the school could not contact the hospital because the school opened Cell Phone Jammer . What if the patient had an accident? If communications are interrupted, affecting the business or affairs of others, who will bear the consequences? Have they considered the consequences of turning on cell phone jammers? Schools should not only consider and deal with problems from their own standpoint.