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Cell Phone Text Message Blocker

Perfectjammer 2022-01-01

Cell Phone Text Message Blocker

Children love to be strong and competitive since childhood. They always make troubles outside, can’t stay at home, get sued by others, ask parents at school, etc. It has become a “parental meal”. Many parents want to tie their children and prevent them from going out to make troubles. Often many parents like Use your phone to control your child's activities. Children are becoming more and more addicted to games, not moving, and not causing trouble. Parents "get their wish" and relax a lot, but the extent to which children are addicted to games is unimaginable. It can be said that they "forget food and sleep". Parents are worried about their children's game addiction. Is it because the children are disobedient or the parents don't care? I saw some Cell Phone Text Message Blocker on the Internet, I don’t know if I can stop it from still surfing the Internet. Recently, I also found that all online game companies, including many live broadcast platforms, have set the minor mode in many prominent places when entering this app. At the same time, he also reminded very clearly: if a minor wants to pay, he must be accompanied by a parent. In fact, this is a very good trend, even if there will be no immediate effect, as long as our schools, families, and society all work together to contribute to the growth of our minors, cell phone jammer can also establish a correct attitude for children. With the concept of time, I believe that the growth process of minors will be full of fun on a safer and healthier basis.

Companies like Tencent have even used facial recognition technology to intercept minors, but we must clearly recognize that social problems cannot be fundamentally solved by technical means, and the long-term cooperation of families, schools, governments, and enterprises, We all grew up as children. When we were young, for example, we skipped classes to surf the Internet. At that time, there was no computer at home. Therefore, it was still popular to go to Internet cafes all night. Now I think about it and miss it It's ridiculous, and parents are often used to gambling in the face of their children's behavior. For example, I saw a parent post on Kaiba not long ago that because their children love to surf the Internet, in order to urge him to study hard , so I put a Cell Phone Text Message Blocker at home, although you can see that the parents are well-intentioned, but once the mobile phone jammer is installed, the parents can't access the Internet, the mobile phone has no signal every night, and even normal social interaction is hindered , it can be seen that this method is not reliable.

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