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Does Metal Siding Block Cell Phone Signal

Perfectjammer 2022-01-03

Does Metal Siding Block Cell Phone Signal

Mobile jammers are a must-have product for modern business people. Effectively preventing important conversations from being recorded by the original voice is an important preparation for all business negotiations. Whether international diplomatic negotiations or corporate business negotiations, we need to plan ahead and take precautions. Let me briefly introduce the principle of Does Metal Siding Block Cell Phone Signal . cell phone jammer Transmits inaudible ultrasonic waves, making microphones and other pickup equipment unable to work normally. Mobile phone jammers have the characteristic of being reliable.

Bluetooth audio version Does Metal Siding Block Cell Phone Signal is a security protection product used to shield illegal recordings and protect voice information. When criminals use recording devices (such as mobile phones, voice recorders, bugs, etc.) to record you, the Bluetooth audio version of the mobile phone jammer can generate high-power interference signals, the sound power of which is much greater than the voice signal, and thus the recording The sound pickup produced suppresses interference, so that only noise information is picked up by the recording equipment, thereby ensuring the safety of voice information.

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