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Why Use the Jammers in Educational Institutions?

Cell phone use during class is not allowed, but instructors do not want to enforce the rule and they constantly complain that I should find a solution so that they do not have to argue with students. A friend of mine who is a teacher was once annoyed by his students texting short messages during class, and later he bought a portable cell phone jammer, then all the students were confused that their cell phones cannot receive any signals even if it was the most advanced one.

A high school principal who bought a cell phone signal jammer from an online dealer in China in order to thwart students from using their phones at school in violation of district policy. First off, he was probably fed up with abuse and misuse of cell phones on his campus, and his decision may have been prompted by cases that severely compromised the learning environment he was trying to create. It’s disheartening, though, that it came to this – that educational efforts, deterrent strategies, formal policies in place, and vigilant monitoring and sanctioning did not decrease the problem enough.

In addition to send text messages, jammers can also effectively prevent students from using mobile phone cheating. Cheating is always repeated, in the face of this situation educators have to use jammers to prevent cheating.