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Cell Phone Jammer For Sale Ebay

Jahns Fred 2022-01-16

As the saying goes, soldiers come to block, and water comes to cover. Although these cheating tools are constantly being upgraded, so are the means to combat cheating. In order to maintain the fairness and impartiality of the examination, the education department not only uses various detection methods to prevent cheating tools from entering the examination room, but also takes measures such as multi-certificate verification and man-machine comparison to strictly prevent substitute examinations, and also uses real-time monitoring to ensure that cheaters do not take advantage of it. machine. The first step in high-tech cheating is to bring electronic Cell Phone Jammer For Sale Ebay equipment into the examination room, so the entrance examination must be done in place. Now the security inspection equipment for the college entrance examination will have metal detectors, and the camouflage stationery containing metal parts is almost a sure-shot. Not only that, in order to prevent cheating, many test centers in many places no longer allow you to bring in your own stationery such as erasers and rulers, but instead distribute them uniformly. For the slightly high-tech invisible earphones, the education departments around the country have basically adopted invisible earphone detectors. Among them, the traditional passive monitoring invisible earphone detector can monitor when the cheater receives the letter, and accurately locate the cheating candidate. Active invisible earphone detectors can detect whether candidates are carrying invisible earphones and prevent the illegal use of wireless invisible earphones in the examination room. Can cell phone jammer prevent this phenomenon from happening?

Secondly, in addition to the invigilators, electronic cameras are basically installed in the examination room now, and the whole process of the examination is monitored and recorded through the video surveillance system. Even if the examinee brings the equipment into the examination room, if he wants to take it out and use it, the surveillance camera will definitely capture the abnormality. Qingdao has even introduced artificial intelligence technology to detect abnormal behaviors in the examination process of candidates in real time, and give systematic early warning to suspicious candidates. Finally, no matter how tricky the cheating methods are, they still need to conduct "sound transmission" and "text transmission" through wireless signals. In order to block various wireless devices, college entrance examination rooms in various places have been equipped with Cell Phone Jammer For Sale Ebay equipment early on, in order to block wireless signals inside the examination room and prevent cheating from happening at the source. However, under this heavy test, the student still successfully broke through the siege and completed the "feat" of taking out a mobile phone to take pictures of the questions and posting them online during the college entrance examination. In response to the incident, the Huangpi District Admissions Office said that when the candidate entered the examination room for the security check, he used the invigilator's blind spot to hide his mobile phone in the thin clothes he was holding, and raised his hands to avoid the security check. As for uploading exam questions, it may be caused by loopholes in 5G signal shielding.