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Cheap Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case

Perfectjammer 2022-01-01

Cheap Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case

With the development of the information society, illegal recording methods are becoming more and more diverse, and illegal recording equipment is even more diverse. Audio and video information is showing explosive growth and viral transmission. The two obvious characteristics of personal privacy, business secrets and other information have been compromised through conversations. The risk of disclosure. When you meet with someone and the content of the conversation is known, it means that you have been illegally recorded. When your business operations are well understood by competitors, your office and conference room may be illegally recorded. Many companies And the individual suffered huge losses as a result. Some criminals collect important core secrets of our country’s politics, economy, military, science and technology. Cheap Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case is one of these methods, especially in offices and confidential conference rooms where recording is not allowed, such as in courts. We cannot detect whether people are carrying them. cell phone jammer equipment, can only use high-tech equipment to adopt technical precautions.

When illegal recording endangers itself and national interests, it’s time to say goodbye to information leaks. Cheap Cell Phone Signal Blocking Case , FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm eliminates high-frequency noise from old equipment, adding various brands of mobile phones and recording equipment that have been on the market in the past two years The information is very obvious for new recording equipment and mobile phone recording. Give yourself a safe private space and escort the security of state secrets. The FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, can record noise in, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear. Widely used in: confidential meeting rooms, public security bureau petition center, procuratorate reception hall, courts, negotiation rooms, offices and other places for private conversations. When the mobile phone jammer is recording, it will generate random noise signals, which can produce suppressive interference to the voice signal, so that the recording equipment picks up only noise information, but cannot distinguish the voice information, thereby ensuring the security of the voice information. The audio information in the captured video also has the same interference effect. Because the noisy ultrasonic noise is randomly generated and cannot be restored, the audio after being interfered cannot be restored.

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