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Signal Jammers Protect Your Personal Communication Devices

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/10

  Now that the functions of mobile phones are getting more and more powerful, sometimes it feels that the computer is useless, but in fact, the signal of the mobile phone can be blocked, and it will have no effect if it is blocked. The performance of mobile phones is already so powerful, can jammers still block mobile phone signals?

  The power of the signal jammers of the mobile phone is relatively small, the range of the shielding signal is also small, and the low-power signal jammers have poor ability to penetrate the wall, and they basically have no effect through the wall. Can the jammers match your location, and that is in an open area.

  The distance between the base station and the mobile phone is also one of the factors that should be considered when purchasing jammers. If the distance between the base station is relatively far, one is enough, but if the distance has fallen below 500, it will be another matter. Maybe one jammer in one exam room It is not enough, you may need to increase the number of shielding devices, or replace the gps jammers with a high success rate.

  But if a place with a strong magnetic field, the magnetic field affects the direction of the electromagnetic wave, so the signal shielding effect will be very poor. At this time, it is necessary to use stronger jammers, or increase the number to increase the shielding effect.

  Finally, you should clearly understand the surrounding environment and the size of the place where you are using it, and then decide the number of mobile phone signal jammers to buy.