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Device To Block Cell Phone Use In Vehicles Is A Security Product

Perfectjammer 2022/05/29

Device To Block Cell Phone Use In Vehicles

Military bases, including weapons and ammunition, resource allocation, strategic planning and development of new weapons, all require serious information security. But with the development of wireless communication technology, there has been a series of serious problems of leaking secrets, especially in the use of mobile phones, spy communication products. Visitors can take pictures from military bases and transmit them outside, and infiltrators can use GPS trackers and mark locations to reveal their location information, or use WIFI signals to break codes. So our high power Device To Block Cell Phone Use In Vehicles was invented to solve the above problem. It is a new security product. A protective net is formed within a given area through its special signal, which is what blocks the relationship between the cell phone and the base station. Cell phones in the area temporarily stopped working. Surfers cannot transmit data through cell phones or any other spyware, which keeps the information safe. And about WIFI, there is no problem with blocking. Also, it prohibits GPS satellite tracking. The infiltrator wants to send the location coordinate information to the headquarters to achieve the goal, what should we do? Put the high power cell phone jammer against it.

People often ask on the Internet whether prison inmates can use mobile phones? The answer is of course no. First of all, prisoners use mobile phones to increase their sentences. Second, in order to prevent prisoners from communicating with the outside world, the current prisons and detention centers will install Device To Block Cell Phone Use In Vehicles , which can also improve prison technology prevention capabilities and strengthen prison technology management. level, promote the construction of digital information prisons, and promote the harmonious and stable development of prisons. So what kind of cell phone signal jammer is suitable for installing in prisons? Prisons are different from conference rooms, courts, examination rooms, etc. Once a mobile phone signal jammer is installed, it is required that the device can operate 24 hours a day, and this is the case all the year round, which has a very high performance, quality and power supply for the mobile phone jammer. Require. In terms of appearance, it is absolutely impossible to choose a mobile phone signal blocker with an external power adapter. Why do you say this, because this kind of power adapter cannot withstand 24-hour uninterrupted power-on use. Although the price is indeed cheap, it will not be used for one or two times. It was completely broken within a month, and if it was repaired, it had to be dismantled and sent back to the manufacturer, so this was a waste of funds, manpower and material resources, and it would also create opportunities for the prisoners to make trouble. Therefore, the prison system must choose a mobile phone signal jammer with an industrial-grade power supply to ensure that the machine can work stably for a long time.

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