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Why GPS Jammers Are Popular

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  GpS uses satellite systems and sends signals. The satellite is used in conjunction with a GpS receiver to determine the position by triangulation. Triangulation is basically a technique and method in which three different points are considered to be calculated locations. In car navigation, for example, the position of three satellites that are defined in orbit around the earth is evaluated. Thanks to triangulation, GpS can transmit the station to the receiver.

  The GpS signal uses a certain set frequency. GpS works on two main frequencies. One is used for non-military or public purposes with a frequency of 1575.42 MHz and the other is used for military purposes with a frequency of 1227.6 MHz. In fact, GpS is based on radio waves.

  In general, using GpS is very useful, e.g. B. in car navigation, searching for missing people, navigating at sea, etc. Nevertheless, there are still many ways to misuse GpS, which is why we have frequency jammers.

  The jammer makes it impossible to use the GpS function by interrupting the satellite signal. Most GpS jammer are designed for military use to confuse enemy forces. GPS jammers are primarily designed for military organizations, device manufacturers, and government organizations.

  In the information age, the development of communication technology is very rapid.Mobile phones have become an integral part of our work and our daily life.