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Some truck drivers use GPS Jammer devices to cover their tracks

Perfectjammer 2022/07/08

  The main problem with GpS tracking devices is that most people see them as an invasion of their privacy. Commercial drivers have no intention of sacrificing their own privacy for the sake of their bosses’ need to keep things under control.

  Vehicle tracking systems allow fleet managers to monitor their employees’ performances more effectively, to ensure that they’re driving safely and within the limits of the law, to help them with effective route planning, and ensure they work a safe number of hours. But there is a fine line between violating your employees’ privacy and your need to make sure everything is in order.

  Some other employees use their company-owned vehicle to run personal errands. To avoid being detected, they operate a Global positioning System scrambler unaware of the fact that by trying to jam a GpS tracker by using a scrambler, the vehicle will not disappear at all; it will still appear on the live map as a missing trip.

  Also, when you plug the jammer in a cigarette lighter socket during a trip, you will see a line from when the GPS jammers, like a rag to wipe away your traces.

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8-Band Mobile Phone Jammer

8341-D8 enhanced signal shielding device, unique customized high gain antenna, high efficiency management chip shielding only shields effective signal reception, this machine high gain antenna coverage, can be 10-30 meters (depending on the base station signal strength) The shielding range is shielded against the operator’s dual-mode 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, WIFI and other signals, so that all communications within the shielding range are completely disconnected from the outside world; the communication network is reflected as no network or no signal, no service .


Jammers Are Very Cheap

8-wire Jammers Are Very Cheap

Although this jammer is relatively small, the shielded signal is really good. As soon as this device is turned on, there is no signal at home, and it is also very convenient.

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