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App To Block Cell Phone Calls And Texting Blocks Test Room Signals

Damanet Luc 2022/06/20

The college entrance examination is coming soon. I believe that many candidates are working hard to review and prepare for the college entrance examination, and the school is also actively preparing for the personnel arrangement and equipment preparation of the examination room. Among them, the most concerned is App To Block Cell Phone Calls And Texting , which is a kind of The equipment that counteracts the electronic signal cheating methods that appear in the examination can be a good helper to maintain the stability and order in the examination room, and protect the interests of the majority of candidates. Nowadays, many people want to use communication equipment to cheat, and major schools are also trying to prevent this phenomenon. Nowadays, mobile phone signal jammers for exams have become a trend in major schools. Midsummer June is about to usher in the high school entrance examination and college entrance examination. In order to ensure the quality of the examination, many schools have already started preparing for the examination room in advance. In the process of preparing for the examination room, there is a very important thing, that is to install the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room. However, installing a cell phone blocker is not something that everyone can do.

App To Block Cell Phone Calls And Texting Blocks Test Room Signals

In recent years, with the increasing number of various examination support tasks, the staff of Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Control have seized this opportunity and actively carried out radio publicity work, from the characteristics of radio, the occurrence of interference, and how to investigate and locate , to the working principle of App To Block Cell Phone Calls And Texting to explain one by one. The cases are told in the form of storytelling, and the leaders of various units and the masses understand the working principle of cell phone jammer , the harmfulness of electromagnetic interference, and the importance of radio management in a silent way. The Xinyu Municipal People's Insurance Bureau took the initiative to find the No. Schools are required to report their existing mobile phone jammers to the SAFE for registration and filing, and they must be tested and approved by the SAFE before purchasing a new jammer. In the past two years, the Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Control has not received any complaints due to interference from mobile phone jammers.