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Installation of exam room type shielding devices in schools to solve various exam room problems


Is the use of signal jammers legal?

In most countries, using a signal jammer is illegal because it can interfere with normal wireless communication. Only under authorized circumstances, such as in the military, security, and law enforcement fields, can it be legally used.

Among the many questions about mobile phone blockers in the exam room, the most frequently asked question is: Is there a maximum power blocker? I hope that only one or two high-power interference devices are needed to solve the signal blocking problem in all exam classrooms of a school. Why are the invigilators in school exam halls eager to ask such questions? Is the power of the mobile phone signal blocker in the exam room as high as possible?

Popular Adjustable Power Blocker Device

Firstly, of course, there are high-power interference devices, and we can also customize various power levels according to customer requirements. However, based on years of experience in the field of signal shielding, our suggestion to express is that the exam room model mobile phone shielding device is not suitable for high-power models, and the higher the power of the shielding device, the better.

Will the use of signal jammers affect others' devices?

The use of signal jammers may affect others' devices, especially those within the range of interfering signals. Therefore, when using signal jammers, it is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding environment and equipment, and try to avoid interference and damage to others.

The exam room type mobile phone blocker is installed in schools, mainly to solve the signal blocking problem of each exam room. This is mainly used inside buildings. However, due to the fact that the school's teaching buildings are all reinforced concrete structures, each building has multiple floors, with each floor separated by several classrooms using concrete or brick walls. For this building structure, if you want to cover the shielding signal inside, you can choose a low-power exam room mobile phone shield, which is installed inside each classroom and achieves full coverage in the form of a cellular network. This is the best solution.

So, let's take a look at the situation of high-power shielding equipment? Usually, high-power shielding equipment is used for outdoor open environments or relatively transparent open areas without obvious obstacles. What if the customer strongly demands the use of high-power mobile phone blockers? The result is that the shielding effect of high-power mobile phone shielding devices is indeed better than that of low-power shielding devices. However, due to the obstruction and attenuation of shielding signals by building walls, relying solely on one or two high-power mobile phone shielding covers is not enough to cover all classrooms within a building, thus completely shielding the signal coverage range. There are many blind spots in signal coverage, and these blind spots need to be supplemented by low-power testing room phone blockers.