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Is the jammer installed on the ship inside the ship or within a certain range around the ship?


There are many places where mobile phone signal blockers are used, such as government departments, school examination halls, collective dormitories or confidential unit meeting rooms, factory and enterprise production lines, warehouses, and other places. Strange places, such as ships, may also require the installation and use of mobile phone signal blockers. We shared some information about mobile signal blockers. What are the precautions for ship installation.

If you plan to install a mobile phone signal jammer on a ship, you first need to clarify one question: is the target phone inside the ship or within a certain range around the ship? If it is only aimed at the target mobile phones inside the ship, then the implementation of the project is relatively much easier, almost requiring the use of conventional low-power mobile phone signal blockers. Just pay attention to waterproofing, moisture-proof, and ventilation during internal installation.

If it is aimed at the target mobile phone outside the ship and requires a certain coverage range, several factors must be considered simultaneously, at least including: high-power mobile phone signal blocker must be selected, and mobile phone signal blocker must be selected for the device host. A suitable installation location is required. The host of the equipment must also have functions such as waterproofing, anti salinization, and anti-corrosion. Where can the antenna of the device be installed to achieve the best coverage effect? When installing the antenna of the mobile phone signal shield above the ship, we also recommend installing a dedicated fiberglass protective cover to protect multiple antennas. In addition,

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If the mobile signal blocker needs to be installed on a large ship, it may be necessary to consider installing it separately in the front and rear sections of the ship to achieve comprehensive coverage.

Finally, there is another note: whether it is a ship going to sea or visiting another country, if you frequently go overseas and cross border, then when choosing a mobile signal blocker, it is important to plan the configuration progress of the mobile frequency band. Because there may be some differences in frequency band parameters for each country.