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Cheaper jammers won't be as safe as the ones on our site


the best 24 Antennas Cell Phone Jammer

We suggest that customers do not purchase weaker and cheaper jammers. They won't be as secure as on our website.

These signal jammer are similar in appearance to our store, but have different power levels. They also have weak integrated circuits and very low power weak processors. If there is a motherboard inside, it may catch fire.

The jammer can be used to remove GSM eavesdroppers and radio eavesdroppers. According to your needs, we provide fixed and portable jammers for eavesdropping and GPS signals.

We can use jammers to eliminate spy devices using GSM technology.

Spy phone eavesdroppers and mobile phones, GSM eavesdroppers with SIM cards, GSM cameras with GSM modules and wireless Internet, Bluetooth test suite, wifi routers and all types of GPS locators, as well as locators for SIM cards, will be eliminated or corrected.

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A very small handheld jammer. The size is only 62mm*34*120mm, very convenient to carry and hide.

Wireless connections rely on wireless electrical signals to transmit and receive information at various frequencies. Whether it's a regular radio, remote control, drone controller, or mobile phone; Everything communicates with each other through radio waves. All of these devices communicate using different frequencies to ensure that they do not interfere with each other. Using a properly configured jammer can interfere with all these frequencies to prevent communication between the receiver and transmitter.

You can choose between more or less complex jammers based on the purpose of the interference. The jammer generates signals at a pre programmed frequency, so other devices within its range cannot hear any other sound.

The range of the jammer depends on many factors, such as transmission power, antenna gain, and signal modulation type.

GPS jammers can set different ranges for each frequency band. GSM 900, GSM 1800, and 3G, 4G frequency band jammers can block specific frequency bands at different distances.

Blocking the 3G and 4G frequency bands is the most difficult.

The jammer must be able to obtain the minimum radius. Terrain conditions, distance from lbs and BTS transmitters, and network traffic all affect the coverage of the two locations.

It is impossible to determine the radius that the jammer will provide based on these factors. The radius of the jammer is always within a certain range. When the transmitters of the BTS are very close, extreme situations may result in different fields and parameters.