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Use gun type drone jammers to suppress drone control and navigation


Nowadays, the number of drones in the hands of users worldwide is in the tens of millions. Small flying devices no longer surprise urban residents. Drones help take panoramic photos, used for preparing wedding videos and overhead delay photography, and for advertising shooting. At the same time, even relatively small drones can pose a danger to people if they fall into the wrong hands. If everything was limited to shooting girls on the beach, that would be great.

In fact, even small drones can be used for combat. Recent local conflicts have shown that such devices can be used for tactical reconnaissance, and it is almost impossible to shoot down small aerial reconnaissance aircraft with conventional weapons.

Drones are also dangerous in the hands of terrorists, as they may be carriers of explosives or fragment grenades, radioactive materials, chemical or bacterial weapons.

In recent years, it is no coincidence that all major sports and social and political activities have strictly prohibited the use of drones. For example, the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo will prohibit the use of drones over sports venues. The Olympics were originally scheduled for 2020, but were postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special firearms for dealing with drones

A relatively simple option to combat drones is to use special firearms to eliminate signal jammer. Today, many countries around the world, including the United States, are committed to developing electronic and optical countermeasures systems for small unmanned aerial vehicles, using mobile or portable versions.

phone camera detector

On the surface, this device is similar to a small weapon sample that, although futuristic, can still be recognized.

This is a 'future gun' that will not be lost on any sci-fi film set. The appearance of futurism hides the complete earthly abilities and characteristics of new weapons.

The gun type uav jammer aims to suppress the communication channel, control, and navigation of drones. At the same time, individuals without special training can also use this weapon. It can always be used in real-time, successfully suppressing small four axis aircraft and enemy tactical reconnaissance equipment.

Many countries in the world today have similar developments. The interest in creating such countermeasures is due to obvious factors. Firstly, the civilian drone market and military product market have grown many times in recent years. Secondly, drones have become too easy to control.

Today, even primary school students are competent for this task, and the emergence and improvement of auto drive system based on GPS or other positioning systems make it possible to plan tasks and flight missions for such equipment. This poses potential dangers and threats to densely populated or important areas, industrial facilities, and infrastructure in cities.

However, threats are not always terrifying. The uncontrolled flight of small drones can pose a threat to airport operations and passenger safety, interfere with the work of rescue personnel and equipment, and engage in illegal reconnaissance and surveillance.

In addition, drones are also popular among criminals who use them to transport prohibited items across borders or send them to prison. All of this requires the industry to develop appropriate and simple counterattack methods, one of which is anti drone firearms.