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Several types of UAV jamming equipment applications


Can signal jammers be used for personal privacy protection?

Signal jammers should not be used for personal privacy protection. In most countries, using signal jammers to interfere with others' communication is illegal and can cause interference with their normal communication. Personal privacy protection should be achieved through other legitimate means.

Can signal jammer affect communication between aircraft and ships?

Popular Anti-eavesdropping equipment

Signal jammers can affect communication between aircraft and ships, and may lead to safety accidents. Therefore, in the aviation and maritime fields, the use of signal jammers is illegal and may lead to serious consequences.

Anti drone system is a general term that can at least include: drone reconnaissance equipment, drone data interception equipment, drone interference strike equipment, etc. When planning the construction plan of the drone defense system, the customer has a question about drone interference equipment: does the anti drone system need to be equipped with high-power drone interference equipment?

Drone jamming devices are usually divided into several types of applications, including fixed uav jammer for battlefield defense, vehicle mounted drone jammers that can be transferred at any time at airports, wearable or portable drone jammers, and so on. Except for portable ones, most of them are high-power products, and the RF transmission power of a single frequency module can reach 10-50W.

The drone reconnaissance equipment in the anti drone system, regardless of which detection method it belongs to, is used to detect or identify the direction and location of drone intrusion. Once a drone target is detected, the drone reconnaissance equipment will output target data to the control center. At this point, the control center should make a judgment on whether to strike or not. The command is sent to the drone jamming device, and then the drone jamming device quickly activates the jamming strike mode.

What we need to know is that most drone reconnaissance equipment has a relatively large detection range, with a radius generally reaching several kilometers or more. From this, it can be seen that the best matching method for supporting the coordinated drone interference equipment is that its interference strike radius on the drone is basically the same as the detection radius of the drone reconnaissance equipment. This means that the radius of the interference signal also needs to be at least a few kilometers. So the final conclusion is that it is recommended to use high-power drone interference devices in anti drone systems.