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Mobile Phone Jammers Appeared Many Times near the Examination Room

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On September 6th and 7th, the 2014 national examinations for registered safety engineers and property management engineers were held in several test centers in Shanxi Province. Using radio to cheat is a new phenomenon that has appeared in some exams in recent years. In order to ensure fair conduct of the test, 17 monitoring personnel from the Shanxi Radio Monitoring Station formed a security team, carrying multiple mobile cell phone jammer, appearing around each test site, and implementing the test through 3 monitoring vehicles and 4 sets of hand-held monitoring direction finding equipment. Radio monitoring.

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Considering that the types of mobile phone jammers are constantly changing and the use of radio frequency bands continues to increase, monitoring personnel have conducted full-frequency monitoring on the 30MHz to 3000MHz frequency band. At the beginning of the exam, the cheating signal was quickly caught by the monitoring equipment.

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Where do these signals come from?

The monitoring personnel continued to search and locate, and later found transmission equipment around the test sites such as flower ponds, bungalow roofs, wall roofs, buildings under construction, industrial ruins, bus platform roofs, corridor windows and cars. These black launching devices, which are arranged like an array, are similar in size to a cigarette, are of uniform type, are affixed with a uniform and continuous identification label, are wrapped in black plastic bags or red woven bags, and two are placed in each test site.

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Monitoring personnel identified that the mobile phone SIM card number segment used by the seized device was basically the same, mainly 130-0700. This type of cheating device is an unattended voice transmission device remotely controlled by a mobile phone, which can automatically convert the voice of the mobile phone into a radio signal. As long as the mobile phone jammer device is placed near the examination room, the cheater can make a phone call at any place , To transmit answers to the examination room. On the 6th, the various security teams of the Provincial Radio Administration Bureau investigated and dealt with 17 sets of equipment, which effectively cracked down on cheating activities.

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According to the provincial radio management, during the two-day test guarantee, a total of 27 cheating signals were monitored, 23 sets of radio transmission equipment were seized, cheating signals were detected in time, and cheating activities were cracked down, creating a safe and orderly test environment for the majority of candidates.

It is understood that for this kind of radio test cheating equipment, products have already appeared in foreign countries. However, in view of the cost pressure, schools cannot introduce the mobile phone jammer equipment, but Beijing Shenzhou Mingda has finally successfully developed the BQX-P01 after five years of painstaking research.

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It is a new type of radio signal suppression equipment

Each examination room only needs to be equipped with one to easily shield all examination room radio signals. This greatly reduces the work intensity and can more effectively ensure the order and fairness of the examination room!

Shanxi province deployed cell phone jammers during the 2014 national exams for registered safety engineers and property management engineers. As radio cheating became increasingly prevalent, authorities had to resort to sophisticated monitoring and jamming techniques to maintain the integrity of the exams.

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Advanced measures to combat high-tech cheating

  1. The Shanxi radio monitoring station's methods include a combination of cell phone jammers, monitoring vehicles, and handheld direction-finding devices to detect and eliminate cheating attempts.
  2. By scanning a wide frequency band from 30MHz to 3000MHz, they are able to identify and locate unauthorized transmission devices.
  3. These devices are often cleverly disguised and strategically placed around the test center, and can transmit answers to the test center through cell phone signals converted into radio waves.
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Monitors were able to track these signals to various locations around the testing site, including flower beds, rooftops, and even vehicles. These devices are usually no larger than a cigarette, have a uniform design, and are often hidden in black plastic bags or red woven bags. On the first day alone, monitoring efforts found and removed 17 sets of such devices, greatly curbing cheating activities.

The unattended voice transmission devices used in these cheating attempts are very sophisticated and can be remotely controlled by mobile phones, capable of transmitting answers directly to candidates in the test center. However, swift action by surveillance officers ensured the attempts were thwarted, with 27 cheating signals detected and 23 devices seized during the two-day exam.

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