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Cell phone jammer prevents wireless communication

Perfectjammer 2021-05-05

cell phone jammer

It is reported that the National English Proficiency Test in the second half of 2014 will be held from September 13 to 14 (Saturday and Sunday). There are 4,442 candidates in Shenzhen for this exam. There are 6 test centers in the city, namely Shenzhen Radio and Television University, Shenzhen Vocational and Technical School, Shenzhen Second Vocational and Technical School, Huaqiang Vocational and Technical School, Bolun Vocational and Technical School, Longgang Middle School. professional school. At present, all examination work is ready.

According to reports, in order to rigorously prevent and crack down on various disciplinary and cheating behaviors, especially those using high-tech means such as radio equipment, candidates must use mobile cell phone jammer to check before entering the examination room. According to the regulations of the Provincial Education Examination Institute, each examination room is equipped with a metal detector. Candidates must arrive at the examination room according to the stipulated entry time and actively cooperate with the metal detector inspection work. During the inspection, if an alarm sounds, the examinee must explain to the invigilator and show the relevant items (including metal items). After the item is shown, the invigilator will check the original inspection site again and confirm that there are no prohibited items in the site. Can enter the venue. If the examinee refuses to cooperate with the inspection and refuse to present suspicious items, the invigilator has the right to prevent them from entering the examination room, and if necessary, the public security personnel shall assist in the inspection.

The Municipal Recruitment Office reminds candidates to check the location of the test in a timely and accurate manner, understand the transportation route to the test center in advance, reserve time for reaching the test center, and go to the test on time. When entering the examination room, try to avoid bringing unnecessary personal belongings containing metal components. It is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones, opaque water cups and stationery boxes (bags) into the examination room. Candidates who bring various wireless communication tools (such as mobile phones) and other items to take the test will be blocked by mobile phone jammers, and will be treated as a violation of discipline, and the test results will be cancelled.

Mobile jammers will not pose a threat to children Mobile jammer prevents communication with the outside world