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Parents strongly agree that the school installs cell phone jammers

Perfectjammer 2021-02-21

I support the school’s approach and hope that the school will take measures to strictly control the use of mobile phones by students. "Mr. He, a parent who lives in Guancheng, said. The reporter interviewed some parents of middle and high school students and found that most parents raised their hands in favor of the school's installation of mobile cell phone jammer devices.

Mr. He went on to say, “My son’s mobile phone is basically used to play games and watch football matches. On the one hand, it affects his study. He is thinking about how to pass the customs and how to concentrate all the time. On the other hand, the child’s poor self-control is also affected by staying up late to play games. Body. Besides, some violent games seriously affect children's physical and mental health. Mobile phones are fierce!"

Some parents think, "Now that the content of mobile phones is too rich, adults can't control themselves, let alone an immature student? My son keeps his mobile phone at home all the time. If he goes to school without management, then he should not study ?"

Experts still need the joint attention of schools, parents, and society. Is there a better way to manage students' use of mobile phones? The reporter interviewed Xiong Bingqi, the deputy dean of the 21st Century Education Research Institute. He said: "It is definitely wrong for schools to do this, but this issue also involves schools, families, society and many other aspects."

He said that students bringing mobile phones into school has become a problem in China, but this is not a problem abroad, because foreign families pay more attention to accompanying their children. Parents will teach their children how to use electronic products correctly in the company. "How many parents in China can do the whole thing." Be accompanied by heart. Some parents do not put down their mobile phones to accompany their children, and some parents just throw their children to play mobile phones or watch cartoons alone." Xiong Bingqi said: "Domestic children spend most of their time studying exams, while literature and sports There are too few choices in terms of television, film and television."

In addition, the government also lacks hierarchical management of the Internet, resulting in minors being exposed to violent pornography and other things that are not suitable for minors. "Students using mobile phones may seem like a small problem, but it requires the attention of many parties to solve it. Mobile jammers are a good solution."