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The jammer is mainly used for important tests

Perfectjammer 2020-08-27

block cell phone signals

Some WiFi jammers can only interfere with WiFi signals. And there are many other jammers, they will not only block wifi signal, but also block other signals. Such as mobile phone signal, GPS signal, Bluetooth signal, remote control signal, 4G signal, etc. The mobile phone jammer is the mobile phone jammer; the GPS jammer is the GPS jammer. A jammer that can block different signals at the same time is a multifunctional jammer.

As the name implies, the jammer device has the function of shielding the mobile phone from external communication. It sends electromagnetic waves at the same frequency as the communication signal of a smartphone. This makes it impossible to distinguish between useful radio waves and WiFi jammers. You can achieve the purpose of prohibiting the use of the phone. The jammer is mainly used for important tests. Usually, the jammer will be turned off after the test. Generally, all secondary schools restrict students from using mobile phones in school.

Many classrooms are equipped with cameras. There is a box with a width of 30 cm and a height of about 50 cm. In addition, I am writing the term "wireless signal interference". The test laboratory installed gps jammer at the test site during graduate exams, CET exams and other unified exams to establish a standardized laboratory. Complete test center, test site, full-time signal detection, track and limit fraud.

As you will see, a WiFi jammer is aelectronic device, which may save us from the danger of WiFi. But you must think about it and use it carefully. You need to calculate the size of the place you want to block, and then buy an appropriate WiFi jammer. If the interference time of the WiFi jammer you purchased may exceed the necessary time, the neighbor may be stuck, causing you trouble. To learn how to choose the right WiFi jammer, please visit our website. Here, we have many articles that can tell you what a WiFi jammer is and how to choose a high-quality WiFi jammer. Here you can find many different wifi jammers, you can choose the best jammer according to your needs.

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