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GPS jammer has strong concealment

Perfectjammer 2021-02-20

The car was locked with a remote control, but it disappeared the next day. Recently, the Loudi District Criminal Police Brigade of the Changsha Railway Public Security Department destroyed a criminal gang that used gps jammer. In this regard, the police reminded the owner: you need to be cautious when getting off the car and remotely lock the car, and don't let the signal interceptor take the opportunity to "commit."

According to the police handling the case, the modus operandi of these criminals was to use GPS jammers to intercept the remote control signal of the central control lock of the car door, so that the car owner could not lock the door and then commit theft.

Zhao Yun, head of the Loudi Interpol Brigade, said that the so-called GPS jammer is the electronic control system detector commonly used in the auto repair industry, commonly known as the "upgraded version" of the decoder. Its function is to receive and store the password signal emitted by the remote control when the car owner uses the remote control. Some criminals use this function of GPS jammers to turn them into criminal tools. They hold the signal GPS jammer in their hands, just like using a mobile phone, without attracting the attention of people around.

The reporter found on the Internet that there is a lot of information about this type of GPS jammers currently on the market, and claimed that such products can be produced for various types of car remote control locks, with strong concealment and simple operation. In this regard, Zhao Yun reminded the majority of car owners: After getting off the car and remotely locking the car, it is best to manually check whether the door and trunk are closed. In addition, it is best not to put valuables such as cash in the car.