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Cigarette Outlet Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/14

In order to prohibit senior high school students from using mobile phones in class, every classroom must turn on Cigarette Outlet Cell Phone Jammer . "Recently, many parents posted on the Internet and expressed their concern that this practice of Jiangxia District Experimental High School will affect the health of their children. Yesterday morning, the reporter saw in Jiangxia District Experimental High School that there is a blackboard on the upper right side of the blackboard in every senior middle school classroom. There are 4 antennas on the mobile phone jammer. A student in the third grade said: "After the new semester begins, the school requires the mobile phone jammer to be turned on when the third grade is in class. The students stayed in the classroom every day and experienced dizziness and other adverse reactions. "The students said that the school adopted this move to create a quiet classroom environment, everyone can understand, but for a long time to study and live in the radiation environment of mobile phone jammers, worry about cell phone jammer Will affect physical health.

During class yesterday, the reporter walked into a number of third-year classrooms and found that the mobile phone signal was normal and there was no shielding interference. Some students said: "It's just that Cigarette Outlet Cell Phone Jammer hasn't been opened for these two days." The school is a college entrance examination test site. In October last year, mobile jammers were installed in 60 classrooms in the school. They are generally used for large-scale exams such as final exams to prevent candidates from cheating. He denied using the shielding device to maintain classroom order in the third grade, saying that he would not use cell phone jammers during class. It is understood that mobile phone jammers, like mobile phones, emit electromagnetic radiation. my country has national standards for electromagnetic radiation protection: the electromagnetic radiation power density accepted by the public in the environment is less than 40 microwatts/cm², which is safe. Both environmental protection departments and environmental health research institutions can do such tests.