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GPS signal jamming weapon plays an important role in modern electronic warfare

Perfectjammer 2019-12-10

The electronic GPS jammer plays a powerful role in the war The US strategy was defined in six words: "Put them back on the wire". By neutralizing the radio-controlled bombs, the jammers forced the insurgents to use more rudimentary triggers, such as command wires. These triggers would be easier to detect, in theory, and would bring triggermen closer to their bombs, where US troops could capture or kill them.

The jammer usually allows a drone to make a vertically controlled landing or return to its starting point - the default actions of most drones that lose communication.. "......

As more jammers flooded the war zone, the mess became more messy. For many months, the gaps in electronic warfare expertise were evident among Army and Navy units. "We had all these boxes there and people did not know how to use them," said Aram Macy, commander of the Surface Naval Warfare Center. "They were going to light them, thinking they were protected when they were not."

The electronic "fratricide" has intensified, with more and more cases of jamming wifi disrupting coalition radios and even radio links to unmanned aerial vehicles. More soldiers have turned off their CREW systems rather than risk disrupting their radios; rumors were circulating that jammers were blowing up IEDs.

The US Navy has the only operational tactical scramble fighters in the world, but the AN / ALQ-99 pods they rely on use analog technologies, are difficult to maintain and have reliability issues. Fully digital technologies and modern transmission / reception electronics offer tremendous advances in capacity and availability, which is why the US Army is working on a replacement of the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ) for its tactical pods .

The current jamming system used in the fleet is the AN / ALQ-99 Tactical Scrambling System (TJS), which Northrop Grumman has upgraded to ICAP III. The overall system was designed in the late 1960s, and commissioned with the introduction of the EA-6 Prowler in 1971.