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Mobile jammers improve law enforcement efficiency

Perfectjammer 2021-02-17

Since the launch of the "Xunlei" operation to rectify serious traffic violations, the city’s traffic police departments have adopted all available equipment and adopted unconventional work measures to crack down on serious traffic violations, and traffic violations such as drinking and undocumented have been decreasing. . The reporter learned today that on the eve of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to prevent illegal activities such as drinking and undocumented from rebounding, the municipal traffic police department increased equipment investment, "mobile cell phone jammer" appeared on the stage, and five groups directly under the urban area will hold new weapons. Say "no" to human interference.

As a new type of information security product, mobile phone jammers use specific electromagnetic signals to form an electric fence in places that need to be protected, so that mobile phones cannot receive base station data and cannot establish contact with base stations. Connect them to the vehicle power supply. An electromagnetic protection field is formed around the police car, with a shielding diameter of tens of meters, and does not affect the use of electronic equipment such as hand stands. The traffic police department told reporters: The shielding diameter is set to not only effectively shield the police's mobile phone signals, but also to minimize the interference to the mobile phone signals of the surrounding people.

It is reported that the traffic police detachment has only used the device in the city-wide unified operations of Xunlei No. 1 and Xunlei No. 2. From now on, the five groups directly under the control can use mobile phone jammers to screen all law enforcement interference in daily law enforcement, and protect the safety of urban residents to the greatest extent. . Since then, the traffic police detachment will also expand the range of mobile phone signal jammers to the traffic police brigades of all counties, cities, and districts in the city to create a better law enforcement environment for the city’s traffic police. Equipped with this equipment, traffic police no longer need to worry about finding someone to delay and interfere with law enforcement after the driver's violation is investigated and corrected, and at the same time it can greatly improve the efficiency of law enforcement!