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GPS jammer intercepts remote control lock car signal

Perfectjammer 2021-02-16

A few days ago, the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau reported that the police destroyed a large criminal gang that stole cars and arrested 6 suspects including Zhu, Wang and Liu, and confiscated 3 vehicles used for the crime on the spot. A large number of crime tools such as GPS jammers and 1.5 kilograms of K powder, broke more than 20 cases of car theft.

Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau has discovered that Zhu, a man of Wuhan nationality, is suspected of major car theft in a special operation against car theft. A large team of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and relevant departments of the Municipal Public Security Bureau formed a joint special team to start the investigation. Through detailed investigations and visits to the owners of the stolen vehicles, the analysis and research of the concatenation cases from the object to the case, from the case to the person, successfully locked the main members of the “theft, modification, and sale” gang headed by Zhu, and It was found out that the gang used gps jammer to intercept remote-control car lock signals and other means to steal and sell cars many times.

On the evening of March 29, after learning about the five car theft cases of the gang, Xia Zhigang, deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, led a large team of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and more than 40 police officers from relevant departments to form a special arrest team, which was divided into multiple arrest teams overnight. Organize net capture operations. That night, the police arrested six suspects including Zhu, Wang, and Liu, respectively, in a building on Yiyuan Road, a repair shop on Erqixiao Road, Macau Road, and a hotel in Qingshan District.

Upon investigation, 4 of the 6 suspects had been sentenced for robbery, drug trafficking, etc., and they were all prisoners. After serving his sentence and released, in order to obtain money, Zhu entangled his "prison friend" and his unemployed neighbor Wang, who started the theft of the car. Because the car would cause damage to the vehicle when the car was stolen, Zhu also met Xia in the repair shop, and repeatedly refitted and repaired the stolen car in the repair shop in Xia for mutual benefit. The criminal suspect Liu is responsible for collecting stolen vehicles that have been modified and repaired.

The suspect Zhu and others confessed to more than 20 crimes of organizing, planning the theft and selling stolen cars since 2008. The police immediately placed six criminal suspects in criminal detention in accordance with the law. At present, the task force is further hearing the case and organizing forces to recover the stolen vehicle.

Regarding the reselling of "car GPS jammers," the police said it was a criminal act of providing tools for crimes, and the police said they would seriously investigate and deal with them once discovered. For such high-tech crime methods, the police reminded: After getting off the car and remotely locking the car, the owner should manually check the door and the trunk before leaving. This can prevent criminals from using signal interceptors to commit crimes and cause the door to be locked. Car owners should report to the police immediately if they find criminals using GPS jammers near their vehicles. In addition, car owners should not put valuables such as cash in the car to prevent theft.