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How Can You Block Cell Phone Numbers

Perfectjammer 2021/11/3

A certain library in Wuhan also set up How Can You Block Cell Phone Numbers in the reading room in desperate circumstances. After a period of time, there were countless disputes. Some readers believed that there was finally a quiet reading environment, and some readers believed that the library interfered with the freedom of communication, and would miss things at critical moments. However, most citizens are very worried about the possibility that criminals may easily obtain and use it for illegal activities. "This is over. If criminals steal the car with this kind of thing, the GPS in my car will be useless." Mr. Zhao, who is equipped with a GPS anti-theft device in the car and who is usually not very concerned about parking the car, said worriedly. In addition, there are citizens who worry that criminals at home or on the bus are equipped with such a wide range of shielding equipment. cell phone jammer In order to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat and play games in class, a middle school simply installed mobile phone jammers in every classroom. Mobile phone cheating is prevented, but the surrounding residents are annoyed: their mobile phone signals are all cut off. At present, the Longyan Radio Administration Bureau has set up a station without authorization to investigate and deal with the middle school and confiscated 47 # . For a while, some residents who live in the downtown area of ​​Zhangping discovered that there was no mobile phone signal during the day, and the phone could not be connected until late at night, which surprised them, so they reported to the Longyan Radio Management Bureau. After receiving the complaint, the wireless department staff began to investigate and found that the source of signal interference came from a middle school. The school has installed one for every classroom

Important company information may be released by someone through your mobile phone. Cause a lot of losses. Sudden cell phone ringing is annoying. You can quickly disable wifi on your smartphone outside the service area. It is a mobile How Can You Block Cell Phone Numbers that can block annoying signals. Protect the privacy of your whereabouts and confidentiality of information. Designed for ease of use. The equipment does not require complicated installation or professional knowledge. At the same time, you can work 24 hours a day.