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Cell phone jammer prevents prisoners from making calls

Perfectjammer 2021-04-09

cell phone jammer

Within the European Union, cell phone jammer can already be used in the UK, France, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic. The Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) also stated that it will approve the operation of mobile phone blockers in principle. OFCOM informs us that this statement is "misleading and false." In Switzerland, the use of jammers is strictly prohibited. Sa OFCOM: Disruptor (unfortunately). The Federal Network Agency also announced that operations and distribution or individuals are prohibited throughout the European Union. Germany will also use cell phone jammers in prisons in the future to prevent prisoners from making calls. A large German newspaper found in a survey that in some places, 62% of German citizens approve of the use of mobile phone signal jammers. Cell phone blockers have been and will continue to be banned in the United States, but may be tolerated in the United States. Otherwise, it will not explain to me that we can win hundreds of schools and teachers as customers there. The principal of the school publicly used the mobile phone to block the program, without feeling guilty. On our website, there are also news videos from CNN. Usually, the blocker is in the staff room and is only turned off during breaks so that students can then indulge in mobile phone addiction.

Our equipment has obtained CE certification. OFCOM announced: "Mobile jammers cannot carry the CE mark because these devices violate the European R&TTE (PDF) and EMC (PDF) directives. The Federal Network Administration confirms this statement. This means measured radiation and radio antenna masts. The base station on the mobile network is also within the allowable range. The radiation intensity is also closely related to the wattage of each mobile phone jammer. The mobile network operator’s base station transmits 50-80 watts. In the receiving area of ​​the base station, you will always receive Approximately 2-5 watts of radiation. Even the mobile phone sold on the market has a maximum output power of only 2 watts. The wattage of mobile phone jammers is between 1.5 and 3 watts, and it is at the same frequency as the mobile network operator Transmission, but the power consumption is lower. The GSM frequency has been approved by the German authorities for mobile network operators and is not harmful to health. Various government agencies have conducted several inspections and found that it is not harmful. The base station also sent 24 Hours of continuous signal to ensure mobile phone reception. Therefore, no matter where you are, you will always be under continuous radiation, because mobile radio signals will be sent to every corner-directly to your bedroom. Therefore, from a healthy point of view See, there is no need to worry about using the phone to block programs.

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