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Mobile phone jammer eliminates GSM alarm communication

Perfectjammer 2021-04-11

cell phone jammer

Since most of today's alarms are wireless alarms, some armed thieves have replaced their cord cutters with GSM cell phone jammer. GSM jammers or "jammers" are indeed a new weapon for villains, which can eliminate the communication of GSM alarms. GSM cell phone jammers can be carried in your pockets, and some entry-level products cost less than 50 euros. This type of tool is only suitable for certain organized violations, that is, there are a small number of thieves, but as long as this technology is proven to be effective, it should be increased. At least for individuals, this kind of equipment is regulated, not to say that it is prohibited on French territory, but of course we can easily get the "banned" model with a few clicks on the Internet.

The operation of GSM mobile phone jammer, GSM jammer or GSM jammer only obscures the GSM frequency band. The radio communication of the control unit and its components will not be affected, as it will pass through the 433 and/or 868Mhz frequency bands. Therefore, thieves use GSM cell phone jammers to prevent alarms from being sent over the phone. In addition, the thief can also cut off the telephone line to ensure that the property does not sound the alarm.

How to protect your siren from GSM interference, solve all problems and alarm manufacturers did not take a long time to respond by formulating countermeasures. In fact, the most secure alarm model has multiple technologies that can be used to identify and block GSM cell phone jammers: interference detection. This feature includes detecting GSM signal loss and interpreting it: attempting to sabotage. Then, the control unit issues an alarm to signal a blockage through another communication channel.

GSM + PSTN communication
When an alarm occurs, the alarm center will use the available communication channel. Most alarm systems have disconnection alarms, so users will be immediately warned of a fault in one of the two lines.

IP alarm
The IP protocol passes through the ADSL line that can be physically cut off, but the dedicated IP alarm is not very safe. If the time to reset the box is too long, the risk of untimely alarm is high, because the alarm will interpret this interruption as a potential sabotage activity .

433Mhz 868Mhz radio mobile phone jammer, wave scrambling technology is not limited to GSM. There are also jammers that operate on wireless link channels that are commonly used for communication between control panels and their wireless peripherals. Therefore, this type of wave jammer can completely cancel the detection system of the alarm system. However, most current alarm systems almost have self-monitoring functions to protect them from such events: if one or more detectors are not detected, the control unit will warn its owner via SMS or phone .

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