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Limitations Of Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/08/16

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the status quo of students using mobile phones has even reached a large number of elementary school students, and the proportion of middle schools and high schools has increased. At present, although various campuses have long stipulated that teachers are not allowed to pick up their mobile phones during class, and students are also required to turn off their mobile phones or adjust their mobile phones to vibrate by themselves. However, due to the students’ self-discipline and consciousness, they have always been involved in the daily teaching management of campuses. Bringing troubles constantly! For example: there will always be some students who forget to turn their mobile phones to vibrate for some reason, a sudden call or text message during normal class, especially when some funny and tricky sounds sound, the originally quiet class and normal teaching will be immediately affected. Interrupt. Some students who are unconscious in class have the function of text messaging on their mobile phones. If they don’t want to attend class during class, they don’t need to whisper to the next desk to chat, just use their mobile phones to send and receive text messages. Nowadays, mobile phones are equipped with Internet access. Students can use their mobile phones to chat, read novels, and play games frequently during class. Many schools have begun to install Limitations Of Cell Phone Jammer to block some redundant signals. cell phone jammer At the same time, the consent of most parents was also obtained.

For general exams and small meetings, choosing a Limitations Of Cell Phone Jammer with a 2W-10W transmit power can achieve good results. According to the investigation of major schools and important meeting places, many places are often one-sided pursuit ofmobile phone jammers, such as: a school with more than 20 classrooms, each classroom is equipped with a desktop jammer, and the choice is 30W transmission power, and after the exam, due to inadequate use, there will often be a small number of mobile phone jammers that have not been turned off in time, and have been continuously transmitting for several weeks. Especially in a certain elementary school, after a certain exam, the mobile phone jammer has not been turned off for 2 weeks. It was not until we checked the scene that the mobile phone jammer was continuously turned on on the side of the classroom podium full of pupils in class! This really made us sweat!