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Nodemcu Amica Wifi Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/12/14

Ordinary WiFi signal jammers are far lower than high quality Nodemcu Amica Wifi Jammer in terms of price, quality, and work efficiency, because their parts costs are also available. Especially for temperature control, ordinary WiFi signal jammers basically do not have temperature control technology. In the case of poor heat dissipation, ordinary mobile phone signal jammers will not reduce power by themselves to maintain their own problems, resulting in machine crashes or spontaneous combustion. Therefore, ordinary WiFi jammers are really not recommended for everyone to use. Even the price is very favorable. Not recommended for consumers. The quality of high-quality mobile phone jammers is far better than ordinary WiFi jammers. After all, in terms of workmanship, the parts are equipped with high-quality chips. It can also work for a long time in harsh environments. The temperature control is also quite stable. Jin Yuda's WiFi jammer will reach a certain temperature when the machine reaches a certain temperature. It will automatically reduce the power to ensure that the machine will not burn out, and it can also ensure the operation of the machine. In addition, high-quality WiFi signal jammers are getting antennas, including built-in antennas and external antennas. The coverage rate has also been greatly improved. WIFI Jammer

In recent years, in order to ensure the fairness and justice of examinations, Nodemcu Amica Wifi Jammer and metal detectors have been widely used in various large-scale examinations, and the college entrance examination is no exception. Most people believe that the combination of WiFi jammers and metal detectors undoubtedly provides double insurance for the safety of the test environment. However, an unexpected experience in the work of proctoring the college entrance examination this year made the author feel that the scientific and reasonable use of WiFi signal jammers and detectors is an important prerequisite for ensuring the safety of the exam, otherwise it will bring unexpected consequences. The effective distance (30-40 meters) of the WiFi signal jammer generally refers to the indoor distance. In open outdoor areas, the effective shielding distance can reach hundreds of meters. It needs to be pointed out that whether it is used indoors or outdoors,