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Low cost performance blocker are most suitable for civil use


Personal mobile communication makes communication with others easier.

However, this has caused harm to prisons and detention centers. The illegal entry of mobile phones into prisons will have a significant impact on the management and security of prisons and detention centers. A natural and effective mobile phone blocking system can provide strong technological support for detention centers and prisons.

Due to the mixed market, there are many low-cost cell phone jammer that are not limited by reliability, performance, operating conditions, or other factors. They are most suitable for civilian use. Problems may arise in large spaces such as prisons or detention centers. Some even affect public communication.

The mobile signal blocker purchased by the Prison Administration has caused such interference to the surrounding public communication. Let me take a look and if necessary, I will correct it.

Mobile phone signal blocking is technically part of a wireless information blocking network. If the downlink signal cannot be recognized by the network and cannot be connected, then the phone does not meet the signal jammer requirements.

We all know that mobile signal blocking requires us to interrupt the downlink. However, due to technological costs, prices, and production, this may be challenging. Some manufacturers may not accurately determine the frequency to increase interference. Proportional adjustment is used to generate disturbance energy for upward motion. This can significantly improve the disturbance ability and have a positive effect. However, this is in the best interest of the public.

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Mobile phone signals may vary within a room.

It may vary at different times and locations. Based on experience, it can reach 10dBm. The conversion success rate varies by about 10 times. Mobile phone signal blocking is a complex project that requires high technical requirements. This is not something you can simply purchase shielding devices and install your own things to achieve. Site investigation, power accounting, and construction planning are complementary.

From a professional perspective, the procurement and installation of over 300 mobile signal shields in prisons is a major issue. High gain antennas are required for signal shielding in large area clutter. Small shielding can be achieved by using a small antenna. The leaked indoor antenna is shielded using optimization methods. Professional personnel must check the viewpoint of the antenna and debug the equipment to ensure that the prison is not affected by external interference. You can use temporary antenna placement or low-power high-quality portable shielding equipment to protect the school's signal.