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How to block cell phone signal

Fullmer Erik 2022/07/10

  A mobile phone signal jammer is a kind of behavior that temporarily disappears or weakens the mobile phone signal by using a certain device or a certain method.

  There are many kinds of mobile gps jammers, generally hand-held, wearable, and launching desktop. The general shielding range of mobile phone signal shielding equipment on the market is 500 meters. The working principle of the mobile phone signal shielding device: It searches and interferes with the mobile phone communication signal through the signals of some other bands sent by the mobile phone signal shielding device, so that the mobile phone cannot be connected to the communication base station normally. To achieve the purpose of not being able to receive or send information and make calls normally.

  At present, there is no real mobile phone signal blocking software on the market. If you find some mobile phone signal blocking software in the application market, and download and use it, you will find that what these application software can do is only superficial data articles, but it does not really play a role in the signal strength of other devices. change effect. But if you really want to shield the signal of other mobile phone devices in some specific occasions, it is recommended that you buy some professional mobile phone signal shielding equipment. Because blocking mobile phone signals requires professional hardware rather than some simple software.

  In fact, the easiest way to block the mobile phone signal is to turn on the airplane mode of the mobile phone. The airplane mode of the mobile phone is a user-friendly mobile phone signal mode introduced by the manufacturer in order to satisfy the user in some occasions where the appearance of the mobile phone signal is not allowed.

  Such as on a plane, in a meeting, when you need to concentrate on something, and when you need a good night’s sleep. Secondly, some specific frequencies emitted by some other signal transmitting and receiving equipment will also interfere with the communication signal of the mobile phone. In addition, some places with strong magnetic fields or abnormal magnetic fields will also interfere with the mobile phone signal.