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GPS Jammers and GPS Positioning Systems Combat a Spiral Rising

Curry Mildred 2022/09/02

  Since in the design stage of the US GPS, the main purpose of development is to provide all-weather, continuous, high-precision three-dimensional position, speed, and precise time information for users such as marine ships, airplanes, ground vehicles, etc the system was not predicted at that time. The problem of working in a complex jamming environment makes this system an increasingly serious safety issue on the battlefield. First, the power of the global positioning system is low, and its signal strength is only one billionth of the signal received by the TV receiver antenna, which is only equivalent to the human eye viewing a 25-meter 10,000 meters away under conditions of better visibility. The wattage of the light of an ordinary incandescent light bulb. Second, it is easy to interfere. As long as the signal characteristics of GPS are known in advance (it is very easy to do now), the jammer with less power can be used to effectively interfere with it. Therefore, satellite navigation systems commonly used in car traffic, sailing, and adventure travel are very susceptible to interference from such GPS jammers.

GPS Jammers and GPS Positioning Systems Combat a Spiral Rising

  During the Iraq War, the Iraqis used inexpensive signal jammers to try to jam the mythical GPS weapon guidance signals. According to reports, the Iraqi military used at least six high-power GPS jammers in this war. The U.S. military quickly destroyed six jammers used by Iraq in two nights. Military officials gave no specifics, but judging by how quickly the military handled the problem, the Iraqi GPS jammers may have been somewhat helpful at first.

  A GPS jammers produced by a Russian company can jam GPS signals in an area with a radius of several kilometers to tens of kilometers. The GPS jammer is only the size of a mobile phone and can be purchased in the market for a few hundred dollars. In theory, this jammer can interfere with satellite signals within a radius of 200 kilometers. The jammer weighs 3 kilograms, measures 120mm x 190mm x 70mm, and has a jamming power of 8 watts. It can interfere with the two frequency bands (1227 MHz and 1575 MHz) of the existing GNSS in the United States and the two frequency bands of similar GNSS in Russia. (1250 MHz and 1607 MHz) to implement effective jamming, which facilitates the use of large numbers of equipment. Such jammers are bound to have a big impact on navigation warfare, which the United States is vigorously researching.

  The result of this is very likely to lead to a spiral of confrontation between GPS jammers and GPS satellite navigation and positioning systems. Of course, it is hoped that such confrontations will be less likely to occur and that satellite navigation will be used more for civilian use for the benefit of the world and mankind.