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GPS jammers can lead to severe criminal penalties

Perfectjammer 2020-12-12

In areas that are particularly safety-related, the use of complex technologies will reduce the impact of gps jammer. For example, in the aviation or military fields, special antennas that only receive signals from specific directions are used. For companies from the logistics and transportation, trade, construction, or service industries, they want to use GPS tracking to monitor cars, trucks or construction machinery in their fleets, this technology is impractical. In this regard, there is always a certain residual risk that the GPS location will be interfered with by criminal energy, thereby rendering the anti-theft protection function ineffective or using the vehicle for purposes other than its intended purpose.

However, it should also be mentioned that the use of GPS jammers can lead to severe criminal penalties. Buy GPS jammers (you can order cheap devices online from most suspicious suppliers for less than 100 euros) and not only prohibit their use, but also due to radiation can affect sensitive equipment (such as in ambulances or traffic control Used in the system), so this is also very dangerous) can bother. Statistics from Interpol also show that using permanently installed GPS trackers to locate vehicles or trucks in vehicles is an effective way to find stolen vehicles, even if these vehicles have been brought abroad.