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Send Text Message When Cell Phone Is Blocked Eliminates Communication

Perfectjammer 2022/04/09

The car Send Text Message When Cell Phone Is Blocked series is the third-generation green GPS signal blocker, which only blocks the GPS signal received by the terminal, and does not interfere with the negative impact of other surrounding electronic communication equipment on traffic. The unit covers various GPS positioning signals of all terminals within the mask range of 2-50 meters (may depend on the strength of satellite signals). All terminals of the GPS jammer use a single output for external GPS positioning pauses over the entire shielded range. The rated working voltage of this product is 12V---24V, the working frequency bandwidth is 20MHz, and the frequency range is 0.1560-1580MHz. You can collect data about yourself and your surroundings on your smartphone. Phone jammers can block incoming calls and eliminate worries. Used by police and military to control or interrupt communications. Educational institutions also recommend this program. Comes in all shapes and sizes. There is a portable Cell Phone Jammer . Fully functional and fully functional. Cell phone jammers can interfere with certain frequencies.

Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in various examination rooms, schools, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited. As the market develops, the Send Text Message When Cell Phone Is Blocked brand is getting stronger and stronger, and the quality and price vary. So how to choose the right cell phone signal jammer? We mainly consider the following 7 points: 1. Shielding frequency bands: You must know which signals to shield before purchasing. Commonly used mobile phone signals (234G) can be selectively blocked. If only 2 and 3G are shielded or only 3 and 4G are shielded, it can be adjusted before leaving the factory. In addition, our company's mobile phone signal jammer adopts full-band shielding. If the user needs to shield a certain signal, he only needs to install the corresponding antenna on the machine. 2. Applicable occasions: For applications related to shielding, if it is an indoor application, mobile jammers that are usually suitable for examination rooms, conference halls, offices and other spaces belong to one category. Gas stations must be explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant; if it is an outdoor open area, medium-power equipment must be used to achieve appropriate spacing.