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Parents use cell phone jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

Nowadays, many parents of students around me are keen to buy a blocking device at home to control their children to use mobile phones to surf the Internet. I also want to buy one. A few days ago, the liu gentleman that lives in binhai new area tanggu makes a phone call to say to this newspaper news hot line, his son goes up this year early 3, often play mobile phone in the home, communicated with him a lot of times, but all the time without the effect, because this he wants to buy a cell phone jammer to use will control child mobile phone to get online. "I don't know if it's going to have any impact, so I'm still hesitant." Liu explained to reporters.

According to Mr Liu's reflection, the reporter came to the binhai new area tanggu foreign goods market sales screen more concentrated place. The reporter sees inside new foreign market, the shop that sells screen implement has about two, 3 control.

The reporter walks to a shop door that writes to have screen implement brand above all, a male stall owner introduces to the reporter, the screen implement that he sells here, can screen all sorts of mobile phone signal source, include move, unicom, the signal such as telecommunications. The screen area is 2 meters or so, and the maximum can reach 200 square meters. "A good shield has six antennas, and the antenna can be removed by itself, which is very convenient to use." Stall owner explained to reporters. In another shop that sells screens, the vendor told reporters that the screens he sells here can block not only cell phone signals, but also various WIFI signal sources. Prices range from 100 yuan to 900 yuan. The vendor also took out two of the shielding device to show the reporter, the reporter observed that the size of the two shielding device and the size of the phone is not much different, the top of the shielding device is an antenna, the high price of the shielding device used is 4 antennas, the low price of the use of two antennas. It also comes with a charger. Booth owner said to the reporter, he sold a good shield here is 6 antennas, the signal source is more completely shielded.