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Should cell phone jammers be used to prevent cheating?

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

The college entrance examination has entered the countdown, in the vast number of teachers, students and parents to prepare for the exam at the same time, all over the "cheat pen" "openly listed", and style has been constantly updated and upgraded. Some economists pointed out that: cheating in exams is ostensibly for the sake of scores, but actually behind the scores are more practical interests, revealing a lot of alarming alternative information...

As the national college entrance exam approaches, recruitment authorities across the country are racking their brains to prevent cheating. A debate over whether to install mobile phone jammers in exam rooms is heating up nationwide. The device, which is designed to cope with high-tech cheating, has been accused of interfering with students' thinking and performance.

The principle of cell phone jammer device is very simple. It is to drown the normal communication signals of mobile phone and base station in the noise by emitting noise waves of the same channel. Because mobile phones (GSM and CDMA) are digital communication, it has strong anti-interference ability. To forcibly interfere with the communication signals of mobile phones and base stations, it is necessary to useand wide channel noise signals, so as to completely cut off the signals between mobile phones and base stations.

As questions continue to rise, recruitment authorities in many provinces, including Shanghai, guangdong, jiangsu and guangxi, have said it is up to local governments to decide whether or not to use mobile phone screening devices for this year's college entrance examination. Other provinces including liaoning, gansu and hubei have also decided to adopt mobile phone screening devices in this year's college entrance examination.