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Effects of signal jammer radiation on students

Perfectjammer 2022/07/28

  The use of cell phones has spread widely and rapidly over the past few decades. Cell phone jammers are devices used to block cell phone signals in public places such as offices, places of worship, conference rooms, etc. by emitting a series of electromagnetic pulses and dispersing communication systems.

  Mobile phones are becoming more and more common in our lives and their functions are also increasing. While mobile phones have brought us a lot of convenience, they have also brought us a lot of trouble. In the classroom, students answering the phone or surfing the Internet, chatting, and playing games are all serious. During the exam, some students also used mobile phones to cheat. There are a lot of student postings online, but it's actually during class time. Under the circumstance that classroom teaching activities are disturbed, the quality of education can be ensured only by the combination of eliminating such interference and maintaining normal teaching order.

Effects of signal jammer radiation on students

  For mobile phone signal jammers, we all know that it will cause downlink interference, but due to the influence of many factors such as technology cost, price, production, etc., the downlink interference is difficult to achieve, so that some unscrupulous manufacturers strengthen the interference effect, not the precise frequency range The setting results in a certain amount of uplink interference energy. If there is a significant increase in interference, there will be a fluke effect, but at the expense of the public good. It can be seen that the mobile phone signal jammer is actually a project with high technical requirements. Buying it is not as simple as installing the jammer gps yourself. Site survey, power calculation, construction design, equipment commissioning, etc. complement each other and are inseparable.

  In order to ensure that there will be no adverse impact on the health of students, the school attaches great importance to product quality. The installed «jammers» are electromagnetic radiation according to the relevant standards. Eligible products do not affect schools. When the school is doing it, the attitude is serious and responsible. The jammer blocks the signal only in classrooms, indicating that the school's actions are moderate and will not affect students' freedom of communication and speech. We have the right to exercise the entire border and we cannot violate the rights and public interests of others. Civil liberties are the same as constitutional rights and freedom of speech. We cannot go beyond our limits. Students playing mobile phones in the classroom affect the normal educational order and should have the right to go beyond the restrictions and should be restricted.