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Does A Cell Phone Jammer Block Walkie Talkies

Amponsah David 2021-09-28

In today's society, Does A Cell Phone Jammer Block Walkie Talkies has increasingly become an indispensable and important tool in people's work and life. People walking on the street now have mobile phones in their hands everywhere. It is self-evident that the widespread use of mobile phones from Apple, Nokia, and Motorola brings convenience in communication, but it also creates many hidden dangers that cannot be ignored. Criminals use high-tech wiretapping methods to easily activate a mobile phone as a wiretap tool from a long distance, so that scenes and conversations can be easily intercepted by the enemy or the opponent, causing leaks; in prisons, detention centers and other important places, they are involved in the case. Personnel colluded with information and leaked case information through mobile phones, which seriously affected the trial process of the case and endangered social security; cell phone jammer In various exams, cheating using mobile phones as a tool has emerged one after another, affecting the fairness and justice of the exam; the high-intensity radio frequency radiation generated by mobile phones during work is harmful to gas stations, gas stations, chemical warehouses, power dispatching rooms and other areas. Security poses a huge threat, and explosions caused by this happen from time to time;

Terrorists can also use mobile phones to detonate mobile phone bombs, causing terrorist attacks and seriously endangering life and safety. In places where precision instruments are concentrated, such as hospital outpatients, wards, and operating rooms, mobile phone radio waves will cause more than 90% of medical instruments to be interfered with to varying degrees. Affect the operation of the instrument, cause noise, and vibration of the instrument's needle reading, etc., which can cause incorrect measurement or damage the instrument, which directly endangers the life safety of the patient. In addition, there are also mobile phones in bidding venues, memorial halls, museums, television stations, studios, recording studios, theaters, concert halls, financial institutions, high-end hotel banquet halls, golf competition venues, public places where loud noises are prohibited, civil aviation administrations, etc. All may become an important factor affecting the process. Does A Cell Phone Jammer Block Walkie Talkies Is the use of modern high-tech, through in-depth analysis of the basic principles of communication, comprehensive comparison of mobile phone communication electromagnetic wave suppression methods, developed information and communication security products with completely independent intellectual property rights, it can form an electromagnetic protection field around you, effective Prevent the leakage of mobile phone secrets and eliminate the noise pollution generated by mobile phones.